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Joondalup City Centre
1-4 November 2018
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Joondalup Art Gallery Presents

Featuring artists Chloe Tupper, Corinne Gull and Benjamin Foster (WA)

Joondalup Art Gallery is proud to present a special program during Kaleidoscope. Awesome exhibitions by local artists Chloe Tupper (Thur/Fri) and Corinne Gull (Sat/Sun) and a rare showing of ‘A Written Perspective’ by Benjamin Foster (thank you to the City of Joondalup Collection for providing this exquisite piece) make the 50 metre stroll up Central Walk from Boas Avenue well worth it for art lovers of all ages.


The 'Diary of a Garden' is my first solo exhibition and I chose to work in an area I was familiar with. Inspired by my family home and gardens, I have selected things that are important in my everyday life, and combined these with indigenous plants and flowers from the garden. I wanted to celebrate things that we often take for granted, the beauty that surrounds us everyday, and the things that make our lives more comfortable. The artworks created in oil paint, are small, sensitively rendered, colours and composition carefully considered in order to reflect the beauty of my personal world. To authenticate my work and make it unique, I have made my own canvases using linen.


I have been interested in art from high school age when I chose the extra art studies, I’ve never looked back. I then later studied at Carine TAFE and over the years I have also studied at Claremont School of Art, Fremantle Art Centre and with some very talented Western Australian Artists. In 2010 I commenced working with the City of Joondalup as an Art Instructor, adult and children’s classes. I also created West Coast School of Art and tutored art classes and workshops. I believe that every artist has a moment of inspiration. A moment when you come upon your favourite form of medium, style that bonds with your psyche, your soul and then just fall in love. My ‘love at first sight’: observing, sensing and capturing the spirit of people in our world, sparking memories, visiting moments in time or a connected feeling. I am also drawn to the adventures of eclectic artworks exploring the never-ending possibilities.


This video is in part an illustration of the philosophical proposition, “the world is written”, and in part a critical experiment into the ever-increasing rationalization of imagery through ubiquitous mediation. Using a custom text detection algorithm, footage from around the Joondalup Shopping City has been processed. Everything that is not determined a word, is erased. This custom algorithm does not look for known letters, but rather in an attempt to avoid anglo-centrism, checks for properties common to the written word across all cultures.