light art food
Joondalup City Centre
1-4 November 2018
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Paint Storm

Paint Storm employs high speed 'live' painting and breakdance to create a unique, dynamic and entertaining show - bringing the audience into a frenetic creative process, as images are slammed out onto a massive 11 metre wall. Between performances, audience members are invited to participate in team Paint Battles, racing each other and the clock to punch out a masterpiece of creativity.


Phil Doncon is an artist and performer who is both energetic and inspiring. His unique 'live' painting performances are vigorous and dynamic, as well as being highly entertaining. He creates rapid fire images in unison with diverse styles of music, interspersed with break dance and gymnastics. Phil has staged an impressive 25 solo exhibitions and won innumerable awards over three decades of professional art practice. As well as being passionate about art, his is excited by the potential of using art to assist others to become more resilient, motivated and proactive - and it live increasingly meaningful lives.