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Joondalup City Centre
1-4 November 2018
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The Rumble Bumble

The Rumble Bumble shakes up and wakes up a sense of joy in public spaces with a colourful light show and uplifting party beats from DJ Peter Sharp from The Liberators International. Guaranteed to get the good vibes rolling, this unique battery powered vehicle and DJ are unleashed to create spontaneous sing-alongs and an epic party vibe. We invite you to get your groove on with this liberating act of freedom.


Social entrepreneur Peter Sharp creates global events that create a sense of unity in public spaces, with his online social movement The Liberators Internationalreceiving participation in over 300 cities, 100,000 active members and over 100 million video views this man knows how to inspire action. Whether it’s starting a global dance party on every continent except Antarctica, sharing eye contact with strangers in public spaces in over 150 cities at once or just a facilitating a casual global sing-along on the international public train network. Pete’s life work is all about bringing people together and celebrating the light we all have inside. Perth will always be home for this global change maker and he’s delighted to share one of his latest inventions “The Rumble Bumble” at Kaleidoscope Festival 2018. Keep an eye out for the Yellow Bumble Bee Tuk Tuk sound system.