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Joondalup City Centre
1-4 November 2018
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1000 Cranes presented by Lakeside Joondalup

by Ambient & Co (Sydney)

1000 Cranes is inspired by an ancient Japanese legend: if a group of 1000 origami cranes (senbazuru in Japanese) are hung in a home they will act as a powerful and benevolent charm and bring good luck. Senbazuru came to symbolise hope in Japan through the actions of a young girl dying from the effects of the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945. Sasaki Sadako began a senbazuru – but tragically, was unable to complete her task. However, after her death her classmates completed it in her honour. The creators of 1000 Cranes believe that the senbazuru legend has great significance in a world deeply affected by instability and negativity. As visitors move through the installation, 1000 hanging origami cranes light up bringing joy and hope to all.  1000 Cranes will be located inside Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City for the duration of the festival.  So make sure you make the most of your visit and come early to shop, eat and play at Lakeside Joondalup.


Ambient & Co is a design collective started to foster creativity through interaction design. The team are multi-award winning interdisciplinary designers, creative thinkers and interactive experience practitioners. They have a passion to seek new and exciting opportunities and delve into a larger more vibrant world of combined innovation, design and business. They are also passionate to be a part of designing a world that works with the people who live in it rather than against them. Together they have experience in interactive experience design, human computer interaction design, installation design, lighting/audio visual design and event production.

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