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Joondalup City Centre
1-4 November 2018
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Armistice Park

Directed by Drew Anthony and featuring ‘The Sunflowers’ by ONGA Artful Light (Thailand)

Kaleidoscope in partnership with the Department of Veterans' Affairs, and with the support of the Joondalup City RSL Sub-Branch, welcomes you to “Armistice Park”.  Joondalup’s Central Park is transformed and renamed in celebration of the centenary of the Armistice, which brought WW1 to an end in 1918. ‘Armistice Park’ is a powerful artistic celebration of the almost 62,000 Australian lives lost fighting for our freedom and in service of our nation. After entering the park through the 1.2m high ‘Armistice Park’ lettering, visitors are immediately immersed in the stunning internationally acclaimed ‘The Sunflowers’ installation around which thousands of poppies can be found. The Sunflowers welcome visitors with a bow - and in the most charming way introduce them to the potential of harnessing solar energy for a sustainable future. Visitors are invited to take a single poppy and place it on the ‘Poppy Wall’, which will be completed progressively during the festival and in time for the Remembrance Day service on November 11.


We believe lighting should enhance the human experience and bring pleasure, enjoyment and wellbeing. We are proud of our Thai roots and draw from our culture of welcoming and improving life for others while remaining sensitive to the identity of others. We aim to provide unique lighting solutions which enhance quality of life. Working closely with each project, we develop sophisticated solutions mindful of local culture, incorporating environmental requirements and cutting edge technology. We are inspired by each and every project.

ONGA Artful Light Team

Ms. Dutchanee Ongarjsiri (Designer)
Mr. Zhang Ming (Lighting Designer)
Mr. Aphirat Sawanglar (Designer)
Mr. Francesco Cappuccio (Designer)
Mr. Piyawat Plana (Designer)   
Mr. Suriyon Kaenson (Cheif Engineer)
Mr. Kitti Faengjanda (Technician)   
Mr. Phanuwat Khomta (Technician)      
Mr. Somsin Thongkrairat (Programer Engineer)
Mr. Techin Siritechavong (Machatonic Engineer)
Mr. Thanapoom Pumee (Robotic Engineer)  
Mr. Jirapong Punyatammaporn (Robotic Engineer )
Ms. Sirikron Watanachunhadet (Coordinator)
Ms. Jedsadang Srikhem (Procurement)   
Ms. Siriporn Untar (Sponsorship Manager)
Mr. Thanakorn Namburee (Logistic)    
Ms. Sarika Aueakitchakhon (Quality control)