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Joondalup City Centre
1-4 November 2018
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Bedtime Stories presnted by Channel 7

Directed by Drew Anthony and featuring Adrian Barich, Samantha Jolly and Angela Tsun and visual artist Suzanne Gately (NSW)

Bedtime Stories features three of your favourite Personalities from Seven News Perth as you’ve never seen them before in a light-hearted, entertaining reading of a short and captivating bedtime story. It’s fun, it’s unexpected, it’s for adults and kids alike - it’s your favourite news readers as you’ve never seen them before. The bespoke stories are provided by the flash fiction writers at Underground Writers, Joondalup.

Kaleidoscope is thrilled to have partnered with Seven West Media to bring you Angela Tsun, Adrian Barich and Samantha Jolly for this years edition of Bedtime Stories!


Suzanne is a professional producer, editor, animator, and designer having achieved much in her short career. She is experienced in events, studio and corporate media consistently achieving accelarated results in creativity and quality. Earning recognition, as early as age 18, for her video work and known for her debut animation 'Fempop', Suzanne is an up-and-coming creative with no sign of slowing down. Suzanne was most recently Assistant Manager, Digital Media, for David Atkins Enterprises and has worked with a wide range of brands developing creative and corporate content, including Victoria Government, Red Rooster, Mozambique TV,, and more.


Underground Writers is a not-for-profit organisation which exists to support and promote emerging Australian writers. We seek to teach new writers the basics of writing, editing, submitting, and publishing across a range of platforms whilst also promoting the work of emerging Australian authors.