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Joondalup City Centre
1-4 November 2018
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Joondalup - A Pictorial History

By City of Joondalup Public Libraries featuring visual artist Roly Skender

City of Joondalup Public Libraries are proud to present a very special projection event during Kaleidoscope.  From the lakes to the East, the Coast on the West and all in between: come on a journey of discovery as history and modern day merge into a visually engaging collage, lighting up the grand southern windows of Joondalup Library. This treasure trove of pictures, from the Library’s own collection, have been given a creative treatment by local visual artist Roly Skender. This is a not-to-be-missed exhibition and is sure to deepen your understanding of the history and growth of this wonderful region.


Roly Skender is a Western Australian projection artist, musican and audio visual producer. He has been producing large scale projections for the public since 2014 on buildings, trees and stretched fabrics. His work emphasises an interplay between sound and vision, often mixing technology driven presentation with more traditional art pieces including movement/dance, illustration, vocal performance and music. He continues to explore and experiment in a diverse range of forms, while chronicaling his 'adventures in the arts' via the Frankensound podcast Quantam Rabbit.